Vision and Mission

To share my art and knowledge and to inspire creativity in others.


Walking the Trail!


The Crane!

3ft x 4ft, oil on stretched canvas


Glow of an Early Evening!



I love early evening when the sun begins its graceful glide into the horizon and the birds sing their last energetic chorus before putting themselves to bed. When stillness falls and all lay silent and at peace.

24" x 36" oil on Russian birch.

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Middle Cove In May

    This piece sold on Artbomb on June 1st. 
Walking the beach and collecting treasures that have washed ashore is one of my favorite pass times. The cool breeze blowing against my skin and the smell of the ocean always makes me feel that there is no better place to be than by the sea. While with my family one Sunday in early May, I saw this collection of beach rocks laying there so perfectly with the sun shining on them casting deep shadows and decided to create a watercolor painting. Middle Cove in May is my humble attempt to convey some of what I saw and felt that beautiful day.




I will be offering Middle Cove In May, an original watercolor painting, for a special price on Artbomb on Saturday, June 1st. Original price of framed painting is $550.00. I am making it available for one day only for $475.00. So don't miss your chance to own this gorgeous piece of original art. 


Betty's Legacy!

This is an oil painting I did of the Peter Pan statue in Bowring Park that was erected in honor of a little girl that drowned along with her father when the Florizel sank in Cappahayden, NL. The little girl, Betty Munn was the goddaughter of Sir Edgar Bowring and the statue was unveiled in 1925.