Vision and Mission

To share my art and knowledge and to inspire creativity in others.






Just Be Yourself!

 A big snow storm is headed our way today. 25-30 cm of snow expected to fall by tomorrow afternoon. I have all my errands taken care of and I don't have to go out. Instead, I'll stay in where it's warm and there's coffee and chocolate. I might cook something really delicious for supper and pet the cats and snuggle with Gennie. I do have laundry to do and litter boxes to scoop and bathrooms to clean, so maybe I'll do that first.

Here's a mixed media/collage piece I did for the Misty Mawn workshop.

The image is a drawing of my daughter, Rebecca, that I transferred onto the background.


New Website!

I finally have my new web site up and running! My last hosting service deleted my image gallery and didn't respond well to customer service requests, so I finally moved to Squarespace where my data will be safe.

Here's an unfinished sketch I did for the Misty Mawn workshop.



Had lots of snow over night and lots of snow to shovel this morning. It's a beautiful wonderland outside and so cold. It was a very good day to cook a turkey. Also a good day to list some new jewelry in my Etsy shop.



I finally got around to organizing my studio today. It was very messy and chaotic to work in. Once clean and tidy, I could photograph some new jewelry without having to shove stuff aside.

I've been using a lot of copper wire in my jewelry making lately. It's fun to get out my blow torch and melt the ends of the wire into beads to be hammered flat. And it looks cool when it's oxidized. Steel wire is much harder to melt because it needs a higher temperature and the torch just doesn't cut it.

I'm reading this book now. I started reading Stephen King when I was about twelve and had to stop for a few years because I began having nightmares. I guess twelve was young to be reading books like that, but I was an avid reader and I read whatever my parents were reading. I began reading his books again in my early twenties and I have read almost everything that he has written. What are you reading?