Vision and Mission

To share my art and knowledge and to inspire creativity in others.


The Wonder of Nature

The wonder of nature leaves me breathless with awe.


Blessing Moon

Monday night was the perfect summer evening. The air was warm, the wind was still and the moon was full. The neighborhood was completely quiet as the fire crackled in our outdoor fireplace and the moths flitted around the faery lights.


All Done

I finally finished painting my cupboards! I love how bright and cheerful my kitchen is now. Despite all the work involved, it was worth it.


A Day At The Fair

Yesterday I took my daughter and her friends to the fair. A twenty four dollar bracelet got you all the rides you wanted in a five hour period. My daughter is only twelve and I didn't want to leave her there unsupervised so my son and I kept an eye on things from the confines of our vehicle. With my drawing supplies, a camera, a sailing magazine and a large coffee, I settled in for the long wait.


Cherry Blossoms

My faith is all a doubtful thing,
Wove on a doubtful loom, --
Until there comes, each showery spring,
A cherry-tree in bloom
~David Morton